Sunday, August 18, 2013

Awesome and Not

Life has been stressful this summer.  I seem to be spending way too much time in hospitals and not enough time in the backyard.  Summer is short and it is almost over.  

I thought I would take a break from everything a have some embroidery fun.  

There is more to machine embroidery than pushing a button.  Downloading, placement, and stabilizing are big factors in the success of your project. 

Because I chose to work on a towel, I used a heat dissolving stabilizer on the top and the bottom.  
One thing I can't control is the quality of the digitizing.  Some designs look great in the picture but don't stitch out the same.
I am really happy with this design from Urban Threads.  It was free last weekend.

I cleaned and polished the barbeque just to take this picture!

This is design I am not pleased with.  The proportions are wrong and it looks like a cartoon.

This design was also free from Smart Needle.  The stitch out times were about the same, but the end results are not.  

The shark wins!  Maybe it's just because we are Shark Week fans.  My family even watched that horrible movie, Sharknado.   The shark should have won and saved us from all that bad acting.

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amy mayen said...

I can definitely see the shark getting a lot of use at my house!

RhondaBuss said...

That shark towel is just too cute. When I was a little girl, I was swimming in the Gulf and a baby shark kept swimming between my legs. I reached down and grabbed it and when I saw what it was, I threw it as far as I could and would not go back in the water. My mother even had a difficult time getting me to go in a pool!!! All said, I'm not too keen on sharks but I do think your towel is cute :)

Nat said...

wonderful project, glad you were able to take a few hours of down time. love the results!

Carolyn said...

LOVE the shark! :)

Gayle said...

I love this design and put it on a T Shirt for my grandson who lives near the beach. I have started using Melt away for stabilizer on the top and bottom of towels and really love it. I hate the bits that tearaway leave behind. and I also hate picking off the WSS.

Sew Coco said...

That is cool embroidery, I sadly have not used my machine in a year...pathetic I know!